There for the grace of God go I

There for the Grace of God go I


From the Twin Towers to San Bernardino by way of Madrid, London, Nigeria,
Bangladesh, and Paris to name just a few unhappy waypoints,
Islamic extremists are carving a bloody swath across the planet.
And by all appearances, this pattern will continue for the foreseeable future.
On the far Right, this is being met with tribalistic bravado, bigotry, and xenophobia.  
On the far Left, with a moral relativism that flies in the face
of our most cherished Enlightenment ideals.
We need to find a better way forward,
and that starts with an honest look at what we’re dealing with.


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Sunday, Jan 10th, 3pm-5:15pm
First Unitarian Universalist Church, Main Auditorium
1000 Blanton Ave, Richmond, VA 23221
“There for the grace of God go I”
Featured speakers include:

Featured speakers:

  • Muhammad Syed - President and co-founder of Ex-Muslims of North America
  • Sarah Haider - Director of Outreach in D.C. & co-founder of Ex-Muslims of North America
  • Andy Thomson, M.D. - author of Why we Believe in God(s) & expert in religiously motivated suicide terrorism
  • Dr. Peter Boghossian (via Skype) - author of A Manual for Creating Atheists &  expert in critical thinking and moral reasoning

Moderated by Robert Penczak, M.D. and Munazza Anis, M.D.

Sponsored by SavedByScience & Greater Richmond Humanists.