Anabolic Steroids - Introduction

Anabolic steroids aren't innocuous drugs.  And although they can enable users to pile on thick gobs of muscle, they're simultaneously placing those users at risk for heart attacks and strokes, liver disease and cancer, suicidal depression and homicidal rage.  Steroids also lead to a classic pattern seen in drug addiction, whereby users engage in all sorts of self-destructive behavior in order to get their fix.  And like it or not, steroids are everyone's problem, because the abuse of these toxic substances is no longer confined to the ranks of premiere athletes. 

Rather, we're in the midst of an epidemic where over 75,000 eighth graders and half a million high school students in the U.S. have voluntarily admitted to using these mind and body altering drugs.  Black market sales in our country alone are conservatively pegged at over four-hundred million dollars per year.  Athletic scholarships are hotly contested.  Professional sports contracts  are worth millions.  And we, as a society, have an unhealthy obsession with body image and victory at all costs.  Taken in combination, these factors make it difficult to get steroid abuse under control.  Nonetheless, we can't afford to skirt the issue any longer.

So please, have a look around this site, take advantage of the educational resources, and learn where help can be found.  

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Robert Penczak, MD