Robert Penczak

I live in Richmond, Virginia with my wife Rachel and our three demonic overlords - Brian, Hayden, and Alison Rose - camouflaged here as innocent, human children.  But note, if you will, the glint in their piercing eyes and the you cannot escape us looks on their serene little faces . . . faces that are now half a decade older than those pictured above, but which have become no less diabolical with age.  Anyhow, when the overlords are in the Underworld studying their nefarious arts, I can generally be found at my computer, either slaving over a book or developing some animations and websites to compliment what I've written - working as I like to tell my wife, though I fear she'll soon see through this ruse. 

With regard to activism, a few years ago, I dusted off my 20 year old Roland keyboard and began producing animated music-videos to address what I see as some disturbing trends in our society. Having seen little indication that those trends would prove self-correcting, I then began co-hosting Road to Reason: A Skeptic's Guide to the 21st Century - a public access television show that speaks to the importance of critical thinking in all aspects of  life.  In that vein, I'm currently working on a non-fiction that addresses the unholy alliance of the Religious Right, neocon ideologues, and Machiavellian corporate interests, and I'm in the process of putting together my own show: Saved by Science: A Humanist Perspective on Improving our World.

Professionally speaking, I used to work as a physician. But medicine changed in ways I didn't like and couldn't control.  So when the opportunity presented itself, I decided to leave healthcare and start back up with a novel I'd begun in the summer between high school and college.  If you're into sap, you can find the whole sappy drawn out version of my bio right here. If not, I'll summarize it for you: I started back in with an old fantasy novel . . . and have been writing ever since.