David Silverman Fighting God

Dave Silverman - Fighting God

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Many well-meaning people like to think of God as love, despite that those who reject the divine squeeze are slandered, shunned, and politically marginalized on a routine basis - not to mention those who are literally beheaded or tossed from rooftops where theocrats truly hold sway.

David Silverman speaks against such madness.

As the firebrand President of American Atheists and author of Fighting God, Silverman’s initiatives have helped put atheism on the map whether religionists want it there or not.  Where others tread meekly, Silverman goes with a lion’s roar, demanding full equality for nonbelievers and refusing to grant religion a pedestal.

Those Take the Christ out of Christmas billboards?  That’s Silverman.

Atheist presence at CPAC?  That’s Silverman too.

And if you spot an open atheist on Fox News?  You get the picture.

Now, as a vocal proponent of atheist rights, one might expect Silverman to be demonized, and that’s certainly the case.  But the attacks don’t simply come from those who would shield their orthodoxy from rational critique.  They also come from atheists who think nonbelievers ought to keep their thoughts to themselves or at least act with a modicum of deference. Ironically, but not incidentally, the work that Silverman does helps these atheists too.

Whatever your political persuasion, religious leanings, and stance on speaking out, I invite you to join us this Valentine’s Day for what promises to be an honest and engaging conversation with David Silverman about Fighting God: An Atheist Manifesto for a Religious World.


Sunday, February 14, 2016 - 1:00pm
First Unitarian Universalist Church
1000 Blanton Ave
Richmond, VA 23221

United States

David Silverman
Robert Penczak, Larry Mendoza