Critical Thinking & Conversations about Faith

On Sept 13th, 2015, from 12:30pm-3:30pm, Greater Richmond Humanists and will be putting on a program about Critical Thinking & Constructive Conversations about Faith (please order your free ticket(s) here:  )

The program will feature a performance by Tombstone da Deadman, a hip hop artist who uses his skills to promote skepticism and critical thinking. Tombstone has produced 5 albums, been highlighted on The Atheist Experience, and performed at the first Reason Rally in Washington D.C.

This will be followed by a panel on critical thinking with:

  • Tombstone da Deadman, aka Landon Taylor
  • David Tamayo - President of Hispanic American Freethinkers and a co-founder of CampQuest Chesapeake,
  • Larry Mendoza, a Biosafety Specialist at VCU and Director of Educational Outreach for Beltway Atheists

Finally, joining us via skype will be Dr. Peter Boghossian, an Assistant Professor of Philosophy at Portland State University who's taught critical thinking to thousands of college students over the past two decades. A strong proponent of the Socratic method, Boghossian is the author of A Manual for Creating Atheists and the creator of a soon to be released app called Atheos: An Adventure in Truth and Reason, which is designed to teach skeptics how to engage in constructive conversations with people of faith using the techniques of Street Epistemology.

Rob Penczak, a physician turned writer who founded SavedByScience and hosts and co-produces Road to Reason: A Skeptic’s Guide to the 21st Century will be moderating the event.

Have questions about Critical Thinking & Constructive Conversations about Faith? Contact Greater Richmond Humanists / Robert Penczak, M.D.